23. ledna 2013 v 21:41 | Clair
At the worlds existe a lot of type of friends. There are friends, who you met at some summer camp, they are your best friends for a week, you promise, that you will meet again, but it´s never hapened. Some of them you meet, but keep this friend ship is very hard.
There are friends, who you met at school, you are the best friends forever, but if you leave the school, a while it´s good, but after some time you realize, that you are very hardly searching a thing, what are same for you. And the conversation it´s not a dialog, itś a monolog and the second person is only nodding. And after the other time you´re shortly stop meeting.
At the new school I can not find someone, who could be my friends, because everyone of them has their best friends and no one of them isn´t thinking like me. And when if I say something, I must explain that and some time they understand, what I ment whith it and some time they´re not.
Now I try not talk too much, I ran away and I hid into books.


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