Against sweets

20. ledna 2013 v 19:08 | Clair |  My thoughts
Hi everyone,
in Friday I tell to myself: "No more sweets or chocolate next week." Like everybody knew it , my mom bought me Triolade, that´s chocolate. I alredy ate more then half of it. And today me and my family, we had lunch at my grandparents. I think that all of us know grandmothers. Grandmom gave me big Milka chocolate. But I hide it and I deceded to hide every chocolate I will get. I should not take care about sweets, cause if I hold to not eat it, my brother do it for me. And the hidding chocolate, I unpack them at some party, but I will not eat only one of it.


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I´m alergic to it :-( 16.7% (1)

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